We love videogames and even more so we like the idea of knowing that maybe some of our reviews will help you, as a player, choose what you would like to play. All of our reviews follow a similar format which includes:

  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals
  • Technical Aspects
  • Personal Experiences with Gameplay

Not only do we provide with you an in-depth review but there is also a TL;DR towards the bottom for those just wanting a summary.


Rating Scores

1 – Disgusting
This rating tier classifies any video game that is unplayable, broken, or the most abhorrent material that any reviewer has laid their eyes upon. Only the worst video gaming abominations can stoop to this level.

2 – Atrocious
This classification is a video game, despite being playable in some form, is quite awful in every way possible. While gamers are encouraged not to play any video game labeled with this rating, it may prove amusing to those who want to see what a truly awful game looks like.

3 – Terrible
A video game classified under this rating, is playable to some degree, but due to either game breaking bugs, or lacking features, this game is another piece of gaming history that should be avoided by any gamer.

4 – Lousy
This rating describes a poorly made video game, with either a weak storyline, horrible voice acting, terrible gameplay mechanics, broken technical features or a collection of all these negative aspects grouped into one.

5 – Passable
A video game that receives this rating, is viewed as lacking in various areas. While gameplay and basic mechanics are implemented, they lack polish and are very dull in every facet. Video games that receive this rating should only be considered by those who are willing to delve into a “unique” experience.

6 – Decent
A video game that warrants this rating, is lacking in key features. While basic design features and gameplay mechanics are present they fail to create any lasting impact of the player. Video games that receive this rating should only be considered by those who are a fan of the series.

7 – Good
A video game that merits this rating, has good and bad sides. While there may be parts that are well done, there are other major aspects that this game fails to execute upon. Games that fall into this rating, are games that should be highly considered by those who are a fans of the series and those that may be interested in this genre.

8 – Great
Video games that attain this rating are great games that can be easily recommended, with few faults. These are games that showcase exciting and appealing gameplay mechanics, and are surely to be enjoy by any gamer of the series or genre.

9 – Excellent
Achieving this rating is no small feat for any video game. Games that are bestowed this rating are able to bring to a fresh a take to the table. These games are extremely well done, with minor faults, that can be easily overlooked for their superb approach to the genre.

10 – Perfection
Few video games, if any at all will ever achieve this rating. Those that do manage to achieve this rating bring innovation to video game industry that has never been seen before. The developers of this game managed to envision a masterpiece and execute upon it. Players are urged to try out any game that falls under this rating, whether they are a fan of the genre/series or not.