PC-related reviews


By on Dec 10, 2014 in REVIEWS

This War of Mine is a dark-survival game inspired by the longest siege in modern warfare history. You play as the survivors in a makeshift shelter who are trying to survive the war.

By on Aug 05, 2014 in REVIEWS

Road Not Taken is a newly released, fresh and clean-looking Puzzler for Playstation 4, PC and Mac. Rescue lost children, fall in love, survive.

By on Jul 10, 2014 in REVIEWS

1001 Spikes is a brutal, retro style platformer that might just break you. Is it well balanced, or just too much to take?

By on Jul 01, 2014 in REVIEWS

Three Dead Zed by Gentleman Squid Studio is a puzzle-platformer that you will either love or hate.

By on May 27, 2014 in REVIEWS

Supergiant Games has launched their latest game, Transistor, following the highly-acclaimed Bastion.

By on May 25, 2014 in REVIEWS

When I first read about Daylight I thought it had all the ingredients to create the perfect horror game.

By on May 20, 2014 in REVIEWS

Child of Light is a platforming RPG starring Aurora, a little girl who is lost in a fairy tale land devoid of light. But can you sit through the rhyming story enough to enjoy the game?