Z-Run released on PS Vita today

by on Jun 24, 2014

Alexey Menshikov, Beatshapers founder, has announced on the Playstation Blog that Z-Run has been released today for PS Vita. He notes that the game was originally supposed to be released last year and they have taken that extra time to polish the game to ensure the best possible experience.

Z-Run will have two different characters, three unique environments, and feature 12 different weapons. Although Z-Run looks like just an endless runner it also has a story mode. In the story mode players are trying to escape a city by getting through levels one at a time. The meat of the game is going to be endless running portion where you will try and best your high score.

One of the key elements of gameplay in Z-Run is its stamina bar. You must balance how much stamina you expend using your weapons with how much stamina you want to keep in reserve so you are able to deal with zombies. The stamina bar gives Z-Run a nice little twist on the endless runner formula.

The Vita doesn’t have that many releases coming out and these little Indie games fill the gaps in between the big releases that the Vita may get. This game may not be the prettiest of the bunch it but it may hold your attention long enough until something else comes out.