Titanfall DLC Frontier’s Edge out today

by on Jul 31, 2014

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Frontier’s Edge is the second DLC pack available for Titanfall and it is now live for Xbox One and PC.

Releasing simultaneously with Frontier’s Edge will be the Titanfall Game Update 5 which introduces some new features and items:

  • Black Market – Players will be able to buy and sell burn cards. There are also an additional eight new Titan decals available in the Black Market which you can buy with in-game credits.
  • Daily Challenges – Collect three new Daily Challenges every day. Players can have a total of 9 active daily challenges at any one time.
  • Campaign mode has been moved in with the other existing game modes
  • Message notification when a friendly Pilot carrying the flag jumps on your Titan in CTF
  • There is now a Gen 1 badge
  • Added achievements for Frontier’s Edge DLC (Xbox One)
  • More robust multi-GPU support (PC)

Visit the website to view all bug fixes. If you want to see what the three maps look like check out the Respawn-hosted broadcast:


Source: Major Nelson