Rogue Legacy out on all PS platforms July 29th
PS Vita, PS4, and PS3, oh my!

by on Jul 09, 2014

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PlayStation fans, the time has come! Rogue Legacy will be released on ALL PlayStation platforms July 29th, 2014 thanks to Abstraction Games. They are the game development and platform adaptation studio responsible for bringing the game to PlayStation.

Rogue Legacy is a rogue-lite game where you must conquer a magic castle that is constantly changing. Every time you die you are succeeded by your children and each child has their own unique genetic traits. One child might be color-blind while another could have ADHD. Every play through is unique and will never be the same.

When you die, your money gets passed down to your children so that they aren’t at a disadvantage while defending your family’s honor. We’ve had the opportunity to play the game at E3 and it’s pretty damn hard. The money you pass down will enable your children to upgrade their weapon, armor, and purchase items. You’ll need it for a chance at surviving!

A few things to note about the PlayStation versions from the developers themselves:

  • Cross Buy! — Do you want the awesome portable-ness of Vita? Or do you want the epic big screen experience of PS4/PS3? Don’t worry, you won’t have to make that choice because we’ll just give it all to you!
  • Cross Save! — Going out? Play on the Vita, and when you get home, your save will be brought over to your PS4/PS3 via cloud magic!
  • 101% Content! — Every single feature in the PC version, including all of the content patches, has been faithfully brought over to the Playstation versions. So you get all the extra Bonus zones, traits, and boss remixes jam-packed into those sweet little bytes, along with just a little bit more. But only just a little.
  • Multi-lingual! — Rogue Legacy’s been translated into a whole BUNCH of languages for you guys. We’ve got English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. 😀
  • PS Vita Control Scheme Bliss! — When we originally made Rogue Legacy, we made it with the PS Vita buttons in mind. No joke. We gambled that if it did well, we wouldn’t want the Vita version being nerfed in the control department, so we made sure to not use too many buttons. That crazy gamble we made over a year ago paid off, and that means the Vita version plays perfectly! Happiness!
  • Platinum Trophy! — Aw yiss! Platinum awesome-ness! Thanks, PlayStation!


Source: PlayStation Blog