The Last of Us Remastered upgrades detailed

by on Jul 16, 2014

A post on the PlayStation Blog has detailed some of the upcoming changes to The Last of Us Remastered edition. Here is a quick run down of the listed changes:

  • Native resolution is now 1080p (up from 720p)
  • Higher resolution environment textures
  • Player can choose between 60fps and 30fps
  • Lighting quality has been improved as well as shadow detail
  • In-game characters have been improved (both textures and models)
  • Change in control scheme, L2 and R2 control firing (players can choose to go back to the old scheme as well)
  • Remastered edition contains all previous DLC

As a person who has never finished the original game on the PS3 I may pick this up and give it a go on the PS4. The bump in visual clarity makes me want to pick up the game. Also, since the game will be running at 60FPS I may enjoy it more than I did on the PS3. It will also be a good hold over game until the fall hits where most of this years biggest games will be released.

The Last of Us will be released on July 29th and there doesn’t seem to be a pre-load option for the game on the Playstation Network as of right now although you can pre-order the game.