Freedom Wars, one of the few Vita exclusives

by on Jun 13, 2014

Want to know how many exclusive Vita games were at E3? Two. Freedom Wars and Murasaki Baby are the only Vita exclusives that were being shown at E3. While Murasaki Baby was on the main floor for all to see Freedom Wars was not in the vicinity.  Sony had Freedom Wars tucked away in the VIP section of Sony’s booth which means a lot of people never even got to see the game at all. It’s almost as if Sony wants the Vita to fail. Why would you not want to demo one of your most anticipated games on the main floor for everyone to see?

With that out of the way I got my hands on Freedom Wars today and it is looking like it will be a great co-op game. The demo station actually had two Vitas that were running the game playing co-op. I personally LOVE co-op titles so I am definitely waiting for the game to get localized and come to the US. Check out our gameplay below.

Freedom Wars will be available in Japan on June, 26th. No date has been specified for the NA release.