Blowing up enemies in Super Exploding Zoo on the PS Vita

by on Jun 11, 2014

Today we got to blow up some enemies in the PS Vita version of Super Exploding Zoo. I would say that I enjoyed my brief session with the game. In Super Exploding Zoo players have to round up herds of animals and then smash them into enemies. Bigger enemies will require more herds so you have to explore the map just a bit before you get to take out the larger bad guys. So far the game is running smooth and I quite like the art style of the game. Every animal that you add to your herd has a nice art style to it. The game will feature a single player endless mode as well as multiplayer modes. The game even supports Vita and PS4 cross play.

Super Exploding Zoo will be released later this year on PS Vita and Playstation 4.