Battle Princess of Arcadias out for PS3

by on Jun 18, 2014

PlayStation Store exclusive, Battle Princess of Arcadias, is out for North America today. It’s a side-scrolling action JRPG featuring really cute graphics and girl power.

You are in control of Plume, one of the Battle Princesses tasked with protecting your kingdom from the vicious monsters threatening your precious land. You recruit a group of warriors to help wage war against your enemies.

The game’s combat system seems very fast paced so you’ll have to be one step ahead at all times. There are also over 900 different weapons throughout the game each with their own unique attributes and skills. Features such as weapon enhancements, rare items, and battle styles are included.

This seems like a great little game to pick up and get into it. Have you played it? Try it out and let us know what you think.


Source: PlayStation Blog