Evolve – The winner of E3
Work together or die alone

by on Jun 16, 2014

There were a lot of games being shown at E3 but there was only one that stood out to me as the one to have. It wasn’t the flashy, over-the-top Sunset Overdrive, the first-party Nintendo games, or the gritty steampunk look of The Order: 1886. The game that that had me reaching for my wallet was Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios. Turtle Rock Studios knows a thing or two about making multiplayer games as they are the creators of Left 4 Dead and their experience with multiplayer gaming definitely shines with their upcoming game, Evolve.

Evolve is a multiplayer first-person-shooter game where four players hunt down a monster. At least that’s how the game starts. As the game progresses, the monster is able to evolve by devouring other animals in the game and filling up it’s meter. The monster then gains more abilities and becomes stronger. This is when the table has turned. The Hunters who began the game on the offensive side must now switch their strategy to conquer the beast all while trying to stay alive.


There are four Hunter classes that need to work together if they want to win. Each class has two variations with slightly different loadouts. The classes are Medic, Assault, Support, and Trapper. Everyone needs to work together and play to their abilities in order to be successful.

The Medic, as per usual, is the class that sits behind the front lines and heals other players as they attack. The Medic is the only class that is able to revive incapacitated players without a penalty. If any of the other classes revive the incapacitated player the incapacitated player will now take a -25% on health for the remainder of the game.

The Assault is the heavy player that stands on the front line and does the most damage. He is equipped with the deadlier weapons such as the flamethrower and minigun. I’m not sure if there is a downside to his amazing ability to cause damage yet. There might be the usual trade off of damage versus health/shield.

The Trapper has abilities and weapons that will slow down and trap the beast in an area. The Trapper is very important to the team as they can corral the monster in a mobile arena and hang onto it by harpooning it. Most Trappers will spend the first few minutes of the game alone setting up traps, sniffing out the monster, and watching their backs.

Lastly, there is the Support which will help the team by finding the monster by UAV, laying down sentry guns for distraction, providing a single-target shield, and the ability to cloak the entire team in case they need to get away quickly.

Those monsters are nothing to sniff at though. There is something to be said about a lone monster whose only mission is to kill the hunters. He may start the game a bit underpowered but as he eats prey and evolves he becomes a force to be reckoned with. During E3, there were two monsters being shown, the Goliath and the Kraken. The Goliath has abilities that require him to take on the Hunters directly. His abilities include the fire breath, charge, and leap smash all which require him to be within close vicinity of the Hunters.

The Kraken seems to be the complete opposite of the Goliath. The Kraken can move rather swiftly across the map by gliding/flying and his attacks are ranged. He can throw mines, create lighting strikes, and use a vortex that knocks enemies back. All of these abilities can be used from a safe distance from the Hunters. A smart monster will have the power and the know-how to systematically take down the hunters one-by-one (usually starting with the Medic).

During my session at E3 I got to play the Medic class alongside three other players taking control of the other classes. Opposite across from me was another player assuming control of the monster. The game started off smoothly as we all worked together and soon found the monster eating some of the other smaller ones that inhabited the land to evolve.

This is where it all went terribly wrong for our team.

One of our players decided to wander off leaving the three of us behind. The monster quickly noticed this and attacked the lone wolf. When we arrived to help the monster had already gone off to look for more animals to eat in order to evolve. When we found the monster again he had already evolved to his second stage and he then focused on taking out our Assault hunter. He did so with relative ease and as I was going to revive him as the Medic I was also incapacitated. Not too long after the other two teammates were down and we had lost in what seemed like record time. The monster had gotten the best of us.

What did I learn from playing Evolve? You’re never going to win if you don’t work together. Our team had just suffered a heart-breaking loss but it only made me want to play the game even more. This definitely one game you do not want to miss if you want multiplayer action that is like nothing else on the market today.

Evolve is set to be released on October, 21st of this year on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.