Who we are

We’re a small group of people who love games and wanted to bring something different to the journalism side of it. Since we’re small and independent, we are able to be selective in what we want to cover and be completely 100% honest in our reviews and features. It’s essentially the player versus the game and that’s all there is to it!


The Players

Founder – Jay@playervsgame.com

Jay is a life-long gamer who has been playing games as far back as he can remember. In his early years he started out playing games like Henry’s House on the Commodore 64. In middle school he spent most of his days and late nights playing the original Unreal Tournament. Currently, he plays anything he can get his hands on. His passion for video games drove him to help start PvG.

Co-founder – Cindy@playervsgame.com

Cindy is a UI/UX designer in the game industry who spends a lot of her free time pursuing her dreams and goals. Her favorite types of games are typically story-driven and/or competitive first-person-shooters. Super Mario 3 was her gateway drug and Counter-strike: Source cemented her passion. She focuses a lot on indie game development and anything cute.

Writer – Andy@playervsgame.com

Andy began his gaming journey at the young age of three, when his father first bought an NES and Super Mario Bros. The rest has been downhill from there. His love of games knows no bounds, he will play just about anything he can get his hands on. He loves the feeling of beating a truly challenging game, knowing his blood, sweat, and tears have brought him to the ending he so much desired. As a result, his love of games coupled with his comedic writing style will surely bring a unique flair to PvG.

Writer – TBA

As a child in Upstate New York, Tim’s introduction to gaming came in the form of Congo’s Caper on the SNES. After moving to the UK at the age of five he started to become truly obssessed and, while recovering from illness for a year in his teens, he would spend 10+ hours playing EverQuest 2 every day. Now Tim works as a professional musician and is studying for a degree in Modern Languages; without much free time left to play games, writing about them is as good an excuse as any to make some.

TW: @TimJMGuitar
YouTube: MisterStringsMusic

Frankie – Editor in Treats

Frankie is the top-dog around PvG. He can be found barking orders, hanging out at the water bowl, and chasing tail.